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GET FOUND: Blogging

Want to dive into effective and successful social marketing for your company, but you’re lost in a sea of other industry blogs and Facebooks and Twitters? For the next couple weeks, Cybertegic will share tips on how to GET FOUND. Check back next week on how to GET FOUND on social media networks.
What is a Blog: a “blog,” or web log, is a kind of website that is usually maintained by an individual (or company) with consistent entries of commentary, event updates, or other rich material, i.e. graphics or YouTube videos.
Why You Need to Blog: Well, duh, everyone else is doing it. Blogs are not only a proven way to communicate your company’s personality to current and potential clients, it also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing by driving more traffic and links to your existing website.
How to blog: First, create the blog using a blogging website or software. A very easy and free (!) blogging website is Blogger. Follow the site’s instructions on creating your company’s blog.
7 super-easy-but-ridiculously-important-things-to-know:
1. ID the company’s target audience BEFORE you create a blog. Then, develop the type of content that your buyers would gravitate to.
2. If the main purpose of having a blog is to drive traffic via SEO, what are your keywords? Once you have them set, fill your posts with them appropriately.
3. Mix it up. Make sure you have a comprehensive mishmash of posts that range from company events, to video posts, to opinions.
a. Short, USEFUL, and frequent how-to’s that are rich in keywords.
b. Bold statement entries that might start a fire and generate a lot of traffic and comments. These should be infrequent to maintain reader trust and invite debate.
c. Fun little posts that convey a sense of personality.
d. Interviews with appropriate people can easily direct new readers to your blog if your interviewee is already an established figure in your industry and has a fan base.
4. Think less Hemingway and more J.K. Rowling. Keep it short and fresh, maybe between 500-800 words. A list here and there won’t hurt, either.
5. Add a photo! Yes, your content is important, but an engaging and interesting picture is what attracts readers. (Try Flickr.)
6. Keep it up. Like any SEO effort, a blog is a long term project. Pick a day of the week (or two) and stick to it like white on rice. The point is to build a body of keyword-rich content that will direct traffic back to your company’s site.
7. Comment, comment, comment. So many people set up blogs, write in them, and forget those who took the time to read and contribute to their material. This is an easy way to develop a lasting relationship with your followers, so reciprocate the effort by following their links, subscribing to their blogs, and/or following them on Twitter.
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