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SEO and SMO Go Hand in Hand

Social Media Optimization (SMO), like other Internet Marketing processes such as Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay Per Click Advertising, Email Marketing etc., can be expected to be as much as important as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the coming years.

A merging of Internet marketers, SEOs, affiliate marketers, CEOs and many others can be observed in almost all of the top social media sites you can name. Each of them are capitalizing and investing considerable amounts of their resources, time mostly, in taking advantage of the open natured social events, conversations, information sharing, mutual promotion and exposure, that did not usually take place B.T. (Before Twitter).

A few years back, experts have been stressing the importance of knowing what a target market really wants. Now, that time, to do market behavioral analysis is significantly shortened and maximized due to the quick response atmosphere being enjoyed by those who are already in the game. Well, that is if SEO is first considered before going into SMO. However, in today’s trend, where success is available to almost everyone who acknowledges technology, SEO without SMO is like coffee without creamer. 🙂

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