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One of the more notable stories of social media success is Mixed-Martial Arts (MMA). Dana White, president of the Ultimate Fighting Champion (UFC), uses social media marketing (SMM) tools, such as Twitter, to continue the growth and loyalty of fans of UFC.

Dana’s use of Twitter allows followers to be updated and feel closer to the world of UFC by posting short tweets about his daily life. He even posts his location and offers free tickets to events if fans are able to find him. Josh Turner, a MMA Gospel writer and loyal fan, is a prime example by taking advantage and winning tickets from Dana. Dana’s Tweets and Facebook are even used to bring stories to followers first hand.

However, Dana’s involvement is just part of the impact social media has on the MMA. Even fighters Shane Carwin and Kurt Pellegrino are involved with Twitter and Facebook. These social media marketing tools allow the fighters to communicate and keep fans updated with their daily activities.

But social media are not strictly for individuals. MMA Gospel Radio reports that their involvement with social media sites was key to their success and helped them develop a loyal fan base. These tools allow fans to keep updated with the latest news, follow fighters, and communicate with other fans who share the same passion. MMA has and continues to show that social media is a powerful tool. Its success with social media will maintain and grow their loyal followers.


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