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Real-time web has been an important development, especially with companies banking on search engine optimizations and social media marketing to boost their ranks in Google and Yahoo. Aside from social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter, who use real time updates for its users, businesses are now using real-time systems to capture significant information over the web that they can use to improve their companies. Marshall Kirkpatrick lists the Top 10 Real-Time Technologies of 2009 that has changed the course of search engine optimization and social media marketing.

Pubsubhubbub – Created by Googlers Brett Slatkin and Brad Fitzpatrick, Pubsubhubhub feeds are now published by FeedBurner, Blogger, LiveJournal, LiveDoor, Google Alerts, Feedoor, and SuperFeedr. With the Pubsubhubhub protocol, servers can receive instant notifications once the topic they’ve subscribed to is updated.

RSSCloud’s CloudPipe – RSSCloud’s new technology is called the CloudPipe, allowing deliveries of real-time feeds to desktop and mobile subscribers, even if a firewall is present.

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Facebook – Non-Facebook users nowadays are hard-to-find. With Facebook’s real-time streams of content such as updates, videos, and photos, 200 million users seems to be just an easy feat to achieve.

Google Real-Time Search –Recently debuted on the web, Google’s Real-Time Search offers results from Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace – and with a pause button at that. Fanatics expect it to be a big hit in 2010.

Twitter Search – Purchasing Summize in July 2008 proved to be a good move for Twitter. With a new GeoLocation API to boast, Twitter Search has now been upgraded to users being able to have their messages annotated with exact locations.

Tornado – Released by Facebook, Tornado is one of the real-time web infrastructures powering FriendFeed. Being able to handle more simultaneous traffic that its competitors in the world of search engine optimization and social media marketing, Tornado offers a fast and easy way to add real-time information to applications.

Superfeedr –Superfeedr is a republishing website that gathers content from the Web and offers updates in XMPP or Pubsubhubhub format. With the recent addition of publisher analytics similar to that of Feedburner’s, Superfeedr allows users to view the nitty-gritty details of its feeds on the real-time web.

Breaking News Online’s iPhone App – This international news organization is considered to be the smallest yet fastest organization in the world. A simple app that offers real-time news and other significant updates around the globe, BNO’s iPhone app will certainly make the most of iPhone’s new Push feature.

Cliqset – Cliqset’s FeedProxy is the latest technology developed by the Florida-based company. With over 70 online services such as Twitter, Tumblr, and using the API, real-time activities can now be easily read in a common language while 3rd party users can alter them to create new user experiences.

Aardvark – With rumors going around that Google plans on purchasing this search engine, Aardvark continues to offer real-time web updates by combining artificial intelligence, natural-language processing, and presence data.

Written by Marie S.

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  1. Julien Jan 13, 2010, 7:39 pm Reply

    Thx for the heads up 🙂

  2. search engine optimization Mar 22, 2012, 8:46 am Reply

    wow this post is from 2009… sounds so retro haha… now Facebook is already beating Google in terms of traffic.. and their user base is 750,000. a lot can change in 2 years! 😀

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