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Many business owners want to expand their businesses online, but do not know where to start. Listed below are the top ecommerce questions and their respective answers:

Q: What are the different ecommerce platforms? (Note: this is only limited to Cybertegic’s ecommerce platform offerings)

A: First is Volusion, which is an entry-level ecommerce platform, great for small businesses and startups. It has a basic web store interface and an easy-to-use dashboard control. 

Next is the Channel Advisor, a multi-channel e-commerce platform that works best for selling across multiple selling channels such as comparison shopping sites like Amazon, Nextag, eBay, etc., marketplaces, and paid searching. The user has the ability to manage all these channels under one comprehensive ecommerce platform. 

Third is the Microsoft Aspdotnetstorefront, the most advanced Microsoft based ecommerce platform available. This is suitable for businesses that need a customizable ecommerce store to complement its existing business. It contains hundreds of customizable features such as Wish List, Gift Registry, and more. 

Last is the Netsuite, a completely integrated ecommerce system perfect for managing the entire Internet business. This ecommerce platform is great for mid to large sized businesses that are looking for a scalable and customizable reporting capability. Some features include accounting, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and more. 

Q: Which ecommerce platform offers product date feeds that can be used for comparison shopping site feeds?

A: The Volusion and Channel Advisor ecommerce platforms are equipped with pre-integrated product feeds; while in Aspdotnetstorefront and Netsuite, the feeds need to be customized.

Q: Which among the ecommerce platforms is the most SEO friendly?

A: All ecommerce platforms chosen by our company are SEO friendly.

Q: Would it be possible to modify our existing website to integrate a new ecommerce platform?

A: Yes, but sometimes, it is more difficult and costly to modify an existing website than to create a new one. Websites should first be evaluated carefully to determine which course of action to take. Things that need to be taken into consideration are: the exact scope of what needs to be done, the existing technology and platform being used, the level of access, and the client support.

Q: Should products be imported one by one?

A: If there are more than one hundred products, a database import efficiently creates product pages. Otherwise, a manual import will suffice.

Q: What is Cloud Computing?

A: “Cloud” means “Internet” and “Computing” means “computer technology,” meaning it is an Internet-based development and use of computer technology. Some examples of Cloud Computing companies are Volusion, Netsuite, Amazon, Salesforce, Google, and Microsoft.

Cloud Computing is divided into (1) IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service, which is am evolution of web hosting and virtual private server offerings; (2) PaaS – Platform as a Service, which provides all tools and facilities needed to support the complete lifecycle of building and delivering web applications and services over the Internet; (3) SaaS – Software as a Service, wherein a provider licenses an application for customers to use as a service on demand. 
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