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This past Saturday, Google CEO Eric Schmidt tweeted that Google would be airing its first ever television ad as one of the Super Bowl’s wildly anticipated commercials. Although the ad has been on YouTube for the past three months and initially intended for just the Internet, Google’s affinity to this particular ad and its positive reaction from viewers has convinced Google to share it with a wider audience, instead of just utilizing social media marketing (SMM) techniques. What better way to do this than air it during the Super Bowl? Below is the aired ad called Parisian Love.

Google integrated its own sponsored ad in the usual Pay-Per-Click (PPC) area, which links over to their YouTube account and their lesser-known” TV Ads – AdWords” feature (a great cross-promotion strategy since they are anticipating users will use the search term “google tv ad“). Furthermore, of the search queries shown during the commercial, almost all the ads were taken out. The Super Bowl & Google publicity has already made one website take action for future tourists.

Although Google had other advertisements in radio, newspapers, and television in the past, this is the first commercial that featured what Google is prominently known for: their search engine. This TV spot can be seen as a counter-attack to Bing’s recent “search overload” commercial series. says,

“Google’s never really had to market itself to consumers, to trot its stuff. The recently held ‘Searchology‘ event didn’t cover anywhere near the range of what Google offers. But if the praise for Bing keeps largely rolling in — if people keep discovering features that aren’t necessarily unique to Bing — Google may find it has to step up.” surveyed many major companies, such as CNET, Wall St. Journal, and CNN Money, about the Google ad that aired during the Super Bowl and many have given positive reactions. CNET called the spot a “breath of fresh air,” while the Kansas City Star called it a “winner” that was much more satisfying than the typical “sophomoric” Super Bowl ad.

If Google is already widely known for their search engine, why spend so much money on advertising it? Well, the advertisement, as said, was intended for the wider audience and meant to create online buzz. The cheaply made, though still expensively marketed, commercial has not only stirred up some buzz, but should cause Bing to become extremely nervous.


Written by Chris C.

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