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Building a business is not an easy task. Unfortunately, it usually takes money to make money, so being careful with every dollar spent is tremendously important for any startup. In today’s society, it is essential for entrepreneurs to utilize the social media outlets available through the internet. These outlets provide companies with the tools needed to boost business without having to deal with the heavy costs.

Four Ways Startups are using Social Media

1. Customer Service
Rather than having to spend hours answering phone calls and listening to customer complaints, businesses can use social media outlets like Twitter and Facebook as forums for customers to voice any concerns, complaints or praises they may have about a product or service. This costs less than a call center, and allows customers to “talk” to a business through outlets that are easily accessible any time of the day.

2. Building Community
Using social media, companies can connect with individuals throughout the world without ever having to leave the office. Many companies are now using websites like Twitter and Facebook to engage the general public and potential customers. This is an easy way to create relationships and build awareness without breaking the bank. Just remember, although this is a great way to draw people in, it is important for companies to take these relationships to the next level with meetings and conferences.

3. Product Marketing
Social media has helped many companies market their products. Using social media for marketing is inexpensive and, if done the right way, produces results. Social media tools that are heavily utilized for marketing include YouTube, SlideShare and Ustream. These websites give customers easy access to information about products and prices for any company posting information.

4. Staying Organized
Social media is not only used to reach out to customers. Many startups are using online tools internally to stay organized and connected. This has been especially useful to startup companies that do not have an office. Employees use websites like Campfire, Skype and Google Docs to set private chat rooms, share documents and make conference calls.

This kind of technology was not available fifteen years ago, so it is important for companies keep up with the competition and use these new tools to their advantage.


By Jacquelynn M.

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