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Pay-per-click or PPC advertising is one of the most essential strategies in internet marketing. PPC advertising consists of strategically placed advertisements on the top and right side of every major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Proper PPC management should drive the right kind of traffic to your website, thereby converting this traffic into sales and increasing revenue. Before doing a PPC advertising campaign, it’s important to know a few pointers:

1. Pay only once a person clicks on your ad
2. The Click Through Rate (CTR) will help determine your budget, and
3. Research your Cost Per Click (CPC) and CTR to allot a specific budget for a certain keyword.

The most effective means of doing PPC advertising is through Google AdWords, which is considered as one of the most revolutionary innovations in internet advertising. With Google AdWords, PPC advertising has become the best possible advertising tool for both small and big businesses. To make the most out of Google AdWords, here are some effective PPC management ideas:

1. Affiliate marketing – Through affiliate marketing, you don’t have to own the services or products you sell. A large network of affiliates with similar interests is all you need to market other products and services. By displaying advertisements for affiliate programs, your advertisements for other companies will help you earn money by making commissions from sales.
2. Own Products and Services – Use Google AdWords to sell your own products and services by driving relevant visitors to your site and converting them to sales. With Google AdWords, you market to a targeted audience and are guaranteed that visitors are interested in your products through keyword targeting.
3. AdSense Arbitrage – Similar to AdWords, AdSense displays small text ads wherein you get paid when visitors click on it. Make money by bidding on cheap keywords or use Google AdWords to drive traffic to a site with AdSense to monetize advertising costs.
4. Cost Per Action (CPA) Offers – Just like affiliate marketing, you get paid by performance, specifically when visitors complete an action.

With PPC advertising, internet marketing companies will tailor to your every need – from daily budgets, display time, and position – to make sure that everything is within the allotted budget. Having someone do PPC management is beneficial to your business, but knowing the basics is also important. Leave the PPC management to the internet marketing experts while studying a little about the internet marketing industry on your own.

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