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In a few weeks, you could be making a year’s worth of sales in just one day. But only if you make the right moves now. Of course, I am talking about the coming Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday and even Free Shipping Day. According to the comScore data below, retail spending has grown each year since 2009 and now is the right time to lay down your PPC management strategies to take advantage of this peak seasons.
1. Keyword Research. What are the keyword variations that people might be looking for? Add them to your keyword list or build out your negatives. Keyword research is a vital aspect of PPC management because it can help you avoid being caught up with traffic that is not in your budget. Use your historical search query reports and Google’s Insight for Search to assess increase in volume.
2. Search Experience. Research reveals that the Cyber Monday crowd tends to be those that didn’t plan as much as the Black Friday shoppers. Given this simple data, you should be able to leverage keyword selection, ad copy and landing page experiences. You might want to think about your cross-selling and ad copy writing techniques as well as ad site links and map integrations. Also, take into consideration how this impacts your mobile campaign and the inventory management process to help you keep your stock consistent with your PPC ads.
3. Effect on offline sales. Online is where they may be heading for shopping but customers are still going to the stores. This is where the value of a mobile campaign comes in. Shoppers in your store are going to use their mobile devices to go online and check if they do have the best deal. Optimize your store locator during these crucial shopping days.
Now, are you ready for the big Holiday shopping rush? If you have your own PPC management tips, share it with us!
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