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Do you know how to categorize your keywords? In PPC management, it’s a basic and vital step. Before you get lost in a rush of Holiday planning, make sure you know how to group your keywords. When it comes to PPC management, keywords are your most powerful tools!

Keywords are categorized into two groups: general and specific. Let’s say your client is looking to buy a new tablet, so he typed ‘Tablet’ in the search box. Naturally, millions of links would come up. If you are selling tablets online, chances are the client would’ve gone through 10 or more sites before reaching yours. On the other hand, specific or long tail keywords are phrases containing 3 or more words – ‘Apple iPad 2 iOs’ for example – that precisely describes the desired item.

Based on our definitions, general keywords are typically shunned by small businesses, believing that they mostly attract unnecessary traffic and less profit. However, PPC management experts recommend having some useful general keywords at your disposal. Why? For branding purposes of course! You see, some clients are not ready to purchase the goods immediately but are simply looking for the best deals available online. Most of these would-be clients are likely to type in general keywords especially if they’re not familiar with the different brands or product specs.

In addition, general keywords can be good for promoting your brand to potential customers. Even if they’re not ready to buy just yet, at least they’ll be aware that you are in existence and that you have what they need.

Another great PPC management tip is to group your keywords into their own ad groups. For example, ‘Tablet’ and “Pad’ go into one group and put ‘Amazon Kindle Fire Android’ and ‘Apple iPad 2’ in another. This way, the traffic that goes through your site is filtered and directed to pages relevant to your client.

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