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Yesterday, we shared with you two examples of small businesses who have found online success through the ingenious use of social media tools. Today, we are back with more inspiring stories, still courtesy of the Social Media Examiner. Make sure your social media agency gets a chance to read this!

1. Coconut Bliss. Coconut Bliss is an organic dessert company specializing in ice cream. Yum! This small business heavily and effectively utilizes photos to create a fun and likeable social brand. Of course, in their case, they feature photos of customers eating and enjoying their dessert items. Another tactic that they use is promotions. Recently, they partnered with VegNews to give away a special prize while utilizing the wider reach of VegNews. So, what can you and your social media agencylearn from this organic dessert makers from Oregon? First, take compelling photos (especially if it is relevant to your business). For this, you might need to invest in quality photo equipment. Next, make sure to integrate photos in all the social media platforms that you are using. And third, take advantage of contests and partnerships to grow your fan base and spread the word about your business.

2. JamaicansMusic. This online music channel has quite a social media success story. They were able to get 1.5 million new fans in just four months! The look and feel of their website is very social and this kind of strategy works for them. Of course, JamaicansMusic gives away free music, games and other valuable resources. And they also have lots of contests. This gives their fans more reasons to come back to their page and bring their friends along. What can you and your social media agency take away from this online music breakthrough? For starters, give your followers more reasons to come back to you. How do you do that? Free valuable content never fails. Next, make sure that there are opportunities to connect socially on your site so it’s easier for your followers to bring their friends along.
3. EasyLunchboxes. Founded by super mom Kelly Lester, EasyLunchboxes is a huge success because of smart social practices and social branding. Like JamaicansMusic, there are several ways to connect socially on her site and her blog has a clean and compelling look that suits her kind of business. Kelly also maximizes her Facebook welcome tab by letting her visitors know what they can expect from her page. She provides unique content on her different social media channels and integrates them with each other. On her YouTube account, she created her own TV series, which draws on her acting background. How can you and your social media agency mimic the success of Kelly and her lunch business? One: take advantage of your Facebook’s welcome tab. This is where they decide if they want to “like” your page so make the first impression count. Next, make sure to have different social strategies for each social platform. Think outside the box! You and your social media agency can tap into special talents to attract more fans and followers. Finally, invest time and effort into planning and executing your social branding because more often than not, you only get one shot at putting yourself out there.
We hope you learned something from these social media success stories. Got your own success story? Share it with us!
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