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Elements of an Effective Social Media Strategy

Hiring a social media agency does not automatically mean that you already have a social media strategy. Yes, that’s a vital first step. But a social media strategy comes from strategic thinking and planning.

Social media may not be an exact science but you can certainly be strategic about it. Here is a three-plan guide to help you get started on that effective social media strategy. Make sure to discuss these with your social media agency!

1. Assessment. Why social media? How you answer this question will dictate your next steps. In assessing your social media needs, think of your audience, your target market. Where are they? What are they doing online? What can I offer them that others can’t? The next question you and your social media agency need to ask is: What do I want them to do? Of course, you want your audience to become loyal customers. But this does not happen overnight and certainly not at the same time. So first focus on turning them into customers and once they are in your market that is when you work on making them loyal to you. Be specific as possible when answering these questions. It will be easier for you and your social media agency to turn it into operational projects.

2. Implementation. This is where being specific becomes really useful. Execution is all about zeroing in on the details. This can be overwhelming so it helps to create calendars like an editorial calendar for plotting your social media content. Identify core sales campaigns. In other words, promote what you offer to your core market. Sit down with your social media agency and build the foundation for a solid action plan—outline policies, identify opportunities and determine where to direct leads.

3. Monitor, measure, get momentum. Analyzing results can be daunting but it’s a necessary step to growth. Knowing your weaknesses will help you revise what needs to be revised. If, on the other hand, you are seeing great results in the early stages of your social media strategy, consider mixing it up and adding some advanced strategies into your plan, with the help of your social media agency of course.

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