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If you think you have the best Internet marketing company working with you, then they better help you capitalize on the growing success of Pinterest. In case you are out of the loop, Pinterest is the latest pinboard style (thus the name) social photo sharing site that’s gaining a lot of popularity lately.

According to an Internet Retailer report, Pinterest had a 52% increase in site visitors in just one month. Almost 18 million people visited the newbie social platform in February as compared to the 11.7 visitors in the previous month. comScore Inc. also noted Pinterest’s 137.3% increase in visitors from December 2011’s 7.5 million.


This makes Pinterest the third fastest growing site in the US today, along with the likes of other social media giants such as Google+, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Pinterest started two years ago and it was launched by Cold Brew Labs Inc. Pinterest not only allows you to share photos. It also allows you to “pin” recipes or specific items which you can then share with friends. As in any other social platform, you can look at other users’ boards. For online marketers and retailers, it is prime space for getting discovered and talked about.

According to another comScore report, users spent an average of 80 minutes per session on the fledgling social network. Brian Kalma, chief experience officer at which is a custom jewelry retailer, noted in the article that part of Pinterest’s success is that it “fosters discovery” especially if a consumer is looking for a product with variations.

In other words, if your product has competition, then it probably is a great idea to try Pinterest.

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