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Does your PPC management consultant use Google AdWords Editor?

They better be! AdWords Editor makes PPC management a breeze because it lets you make minor and major changes to your account quickly and easily. Not yet convinced? Here are five reasons why you should get in on the AdWords Editor bandwagon, courtesy of PPC Hero.

1. It lets you make changes offline. With this nifty PPC management tool, you can make changes on one or multiple accounts offline and then just post it when you are ready. This is ideal for PPC workflows wherein someone needs to review the changes before it is made live. This eliminates the need for messy spreadsheets because each time a change is made, it automatically saves it.

2. It lets you add multiple, contextual, mobile and image ads. So, you’re using all three advertising methods? No worries! With Google AdWords, it’s easy to manage all of them. Simply select “Ad group” and then click the “Add multiple text ads/mobile ads/image ads” button. Enter your text or upload your image and then viola!

3. It lets you copy and paste ad text, ad groups, keywords or campaigns. You can copy these into your account or you can copy the, into a completely separate account. The best part? It is as easy as it sounds. Like we said, it’s PPC management in a breeze.

4. It comes with a find/replace tool. If you know how to use Microsoft Excel or Word, then the find/replace tool will certainly be familiar to you. It is useful for editing several ads at the same time. For example, you have a rotating promotion like free shipping or site wide sale and you need to replace copy every so often, you’ll find the find/replace tool as a very helpful PPC management accessory.

5. It lets you find and fix errors easily. AdWords Editor is useful for flagging potential errors especially when you are adding keywords or creating new ad text. Remember reason # 1? It lets you fix it easily before being posted to your account.

For more cool PPC management tips, keep reading this blog!

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