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Unsatisfied with the amount of people who read your article?

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Content is Key


There are many ways to increase the amount of people reading your article, but unfortunately, it can’t all be done immediately by just one person. If you’re a beginner in marketing your articles online, maybe hiring the best internet marketing company will help you gain experience and learn how to get these people to your article.

However, if you have enough experience and enjoy doing things by yourself, here are some things you can do to gain people’s interest in your article:

Write articles that caters to their interest

While it’s okay to let out all of your emo thoughts and feelings through the internet, not everyone likes to read sad, depressing articles that they can’t relate to. The number one rule in getting more people to read your article is if the article actually interests them. Instead of conveying your interests to others, maybe it’s time you try taking a shot at your market’s interests. Know what they want, what they need and everything they might be interested in. Who knows? You and your market may actually share the same interests!

Besides catering to what your market wants, learn to make the article funny and easy to read. Extend a little humor to your article, so every time they read your article, they won’t just find it informative, they’ll also see it as funny. If they enjoy your article once, there’s a big chance that they’ll go back to read other articles you’ve written.

Use SEO and keywords to top Google search lists

Even the best internet marketing companies always argue about whether or not to put keywords in an article. The thing is, if you put too many keywords, your article will end up looking spammy and ultimately, your readers will also see this. Having too many keywords is a big turn off for both readers and Google as well. Span out your keywords in your article, but make sure not to overdo it. Having keywords in your article allows readers to find it via Google, every time they need information on something.

Spread the word by using social media

Nothing like a little socialization to get people to your website. After all, social media is the best way to connect with your market. Spread your article out over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media platforms. Chances are, if a person within close range of your circle likes your article, they will share it with other people, who might share it as well and so on.

If you follow one or all of these tips, you might just find yourself with a lot of readers.

How do you get more people to read your article?

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