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Here are reasons why you should hop up on the mobile marketing bandwagon.

Getting into the Mobile Game

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Mobile marketing has been kicking into overdrive in the last few years, especially 2015. It shows a remarkable growth that year, with mobile spending three times higher than desktop usage. It is reported that 70% of emails were accessed on mobile devices. All of Facebook’s revenue growth came from mobile as well. That said, any Internet marketing company that wants to compete in the current environment has to be prepared for this trend, as it will only keep on gaining more traction.

Most consumers now prefer connecting to businesses through mobile searching and apps. Social media, email, and even messaging apps are used by almost everyone, especially those people who are on the go.

Cybertegic has always been ready for this trend to take off. We have always seen mobile marketing as a game changer so we prepared for it.

How will mobile change the landscape of Internet marketing?

1. Mobile will eliminate multi-channel marketing

Mobile will eliminate multi-channel marketing

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Multi-channel was the biggest thing before the powers of connectivity were afforded to mobile. Email, text, search, and others will we be left in the dust by the omnichannel approach. The omnichannel approach is all about a custom experience that is pegged on the customers wants without having to plan differently per channel.

A personalized approach is more accepted than branded content. A personal touch is more natural, making consumers more receptive to what is shown. The trick is knowing how to enrich the experience online and offline.

2. Mobile Data will be the most important information to gather

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Knowing that most online activities are done using mobile, it will be beneficial to gather all that data and utilize it for a better understanding of the market. And it’s not limited to anything related to your specific industry but also the habits of all users. Understanding will help in creating ways to create consumers, not just lead ones to you.

You can use mobile as a virtual sandbox of what campaigns may or may not work because the results will be gathered based on mobile usage. Effective market research without the smoke and mirrors that come with the traditional way of doing it.

Combine that with your marketing and sales data, and you will have a more in-depth guide on making your campaigns work.

3. Focusing on Mobile Search

Focusing on Mobile Search

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In 2015, mobile search in volume overtook searches done via desktop. Mobile search is continuing to evolve, with the help of Google. They recently introduced a system to search for content made for apps and even streaming content without the need to download anything.

Soon enough, there will be prediction models that figure out the user will want to acquire and use the info. Preparing for this trend will make it easy for mobile users to contact you.

There are ways we can get you connected to anyone who finds you by search, lessening the risk that they move on to someone else they find.

4. Go Mobile to Go Global

Go Mobile to Go Global

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The number of people who use mobile in developed countries is an overwhelming 90%. That is a huge market to have access to. Most of these people do not have desktop PCs and only rely on their phones to connect to the Internet.

Marketers are now adjusting to make their strategies align with a mobile-only consumer base instead of the former mobile-first users.

Data analysis of online and offline activities combined with mobile behavior data will help shape an experience for the customer from start to finish, and back again.


As the trusted digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic continues to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. We have tried and tested methods for implementing a variety of Internet marketing campaigns, but these methods always adapt to the zeitgeist of the industry. We can help you with making a mobile-friendly website or even an app specific for your business. We can help make you grow, all you need to do is call us so we can give you a free consultation on how to make your business stronger online.

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