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Email marketing is a powerful skill to have, apart from SEO and PPC. It can be a jumpstart to success for any business in the digital market. Even with proven records, a lot of digital marketing consultant were still arguing on its usability and achievement. Without them thinking that it can only be a success if they did it correctly.

Listed are some of the ways in which we can utilize email marketing:

Email Marketing is a plus factor but not all wants it.

Yes, email marketing is a plus factor in digital industry. Online shoppers would love to receive an update about the new discount or trend out there, but please put in mind that not all would love to have them. Subscribers are bound to change the way they want to view their content, or at least, their preferences change along with the industry. Your emails may not be relevant, or it’s not getting to them at all.

Having uninterested subscribers in your list is not your fault at all. You may think of eliminating them because it affects your stats and metrics, but also put In mind that keeping them engaged and responsive is also a good idea.

One effective way to do this is let your subscribers know that you are cleaning up your list. Give them an option to continue receiving content from you and be removed if they don’t respond.

Filter your email list

No one wants to read a promotion that you aren’t interested in, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t want to know more about the sender. Give them an option to not receive promotional emails but still keep them on your list.

And for those that want to receive notification of promotions, don’t drown them with one email after another. Provide them with an option to get promotional information on what interests them and avoid anything that doesn’t. This will keep their attention and at the same time, let them know that you want to give them what they need.

It’s all about the timing

Emailing too many times a month will lead your customers to unsubscribe. Email frequency is something to consider if you invest in email campaigns. But greater and more experienced minds have said that email once to four times a month is a good amount. Also, make sure that you create good content, not just for the sake of making it. Once your clients are familiar and appreciative of your write up, it would get to the point that they wouldn’t mind receiving emails frequently from you.

Remove distracting visuals

Surprising as it sounds, people prefer text emails over ones that are image-based. No matter how well-designed and attractive the graphics are, people look for the call-to-action sooner over being drowned in unnecessary data and pictures. Also, text emails look more personal and less commercial. That helps in making you seem more approachable and not an email-dispensing machine.


There are a lot more you can do, but the above advice is more in the beginning stages of beginning or re-aligning your subscriber list for maximum capacity.

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