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In our previous article last week, we have discussed and introduced Facebook Adverts and how they can contribute to your online marketing efforts. As mentioned, Facebook Adverts are sponsored ads and banners that are displayed on your Newsfeed or Facebook page. Through brand awareness, the ads help drive sales to your physical or online store.

For today, we’re going to teach you how to start your own Facebook Advert. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial:

  • Set up your Facebook page. The page will give your business presence online and a way to connect people online to your business. It is also a great way of engaging potential customers and attracting their attention to ‘like’ your page or spread the word to their friends.
  • Boost posts to reach more people. Once you created your Facebook page, it will recommend you to promote your posts. Promoting your posts means Facebook will show them to people who are interested in the services or products you offer. As a result, the chance of having more page likes increases, as the post reached audiences that are into your business’ industry.
  • Choose your advert audience. Reach audiences who will see your ads by targeting location, age, gender, interest, and more. This way you’ll be able to target the right market who knows what you offer.
  • Reach the customers you know. For small businesses, prioritize reaching your loyal customers and people nearby first. To do this, look for the feature called Custom Audiences.
  • Track customer actions on your website. Facebook also allows you to track down and measure the effectiveness of your ads. It can let you know how many people have seen your ads, and count those who came to your website to purchase.
  • Remarketing is possible. When people visit your site, Facebook will display your ads to their newsfeeds. It will regularly remind of your business, making it a great remarketing strategy.

With Facebook’s popularity rapidly increasing through the years, Facebook Adverts is indeed a great channel for establishing a brand online. If you want to know more about Facebook Adverts, feel free to ask us at Cybertegic; we are a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, California and we are more than happy to help you.

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