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Billions of people use Facebook, with more than 900 million visits every day. Mark Zuckerberg saw this as a business opportunity, so he launched an advertising venue called,  Facebook Advert.

Facebook Advert is “sponsored” newsfeeds and banners that show on your Facebook Newsfeed or Facebook Page. It lets you choose the type of people you want to reach. It also makes your Facebook adverts more relevant to the individual who sees them and brings you real results. You can also create targeted adverts to reach different audiences and meet your business goals.

So how does Facebook work for business?

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  • You know your business. Whether you sell online or through an app, you brand your business the way you like others to see it.
  • Facebook knows people. There are billions of people has Facebook and uses it connect with the people they know.
  • Facebook quickly connects businesses with people. It can help your business build lasting relationships with different people.

Through these, Facebook Adverts can:

  • Drive Online Sales

Facebook Adverts make it simple for a business to reach people and track the results of their advertising across devices. You can also use this to bring people from Facebook to your website and increase your online traffic.

  • Increase Local Sales

You can drive sales by creating targeted adverts to reach people who are interested in your business. It also lets you get real results for you to understand what your customers or audience like.

  • Raise Brand Awareness

Posting relevant and engaging photos, links, infographics, and videos makes Facebook adverts a powerful tool to find new customers and build brand awareness. Once people feels connected to your business, they will likely choose your products and services over others.

So can Facebook Adverts be a marketing avenue for your business?

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Of course! Whether you offer service, sell products, or promote apps, Facebook can do wonders for your business. In fact, some companies became successful through this social media network, such as Cheese & Burger Society, IdeaPaint, PETCO and much more.  As long as you know your business and your target market, Facebook will be a good avenue to advertise and market your business.  Even the best internet marketing consultant will agree to this; especially if you post consistently about the interesting aspects of your products and related on-trend topics

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