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According to a study by, there are more than 867 million internet users from East Asia in 2016. They are dominating over Central America which has 96 million users, and West Europe which has 345 million users. South Asia follows with an estimated total of 480 million internet users. With these numbers, it is no wonder why many online businesses try to reach out to the Asian market and introduce their products. However, with the challenge of cultural differences, how can one successfully venture into it?

WeChat Stats

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Well, say hello to WeChat. In a 2016 social media stats update by Statista, WeChat is the fifth most used social media network worldwide with Facebook and WhatsApp dominating the chart. With more than 700 million monthly active users in 2016, WeChat is used in more than 200 countries around the world.

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In a previous article, we have discussed how WeChat is an essential part of a successful digital marketing campaign in Asian countries. In fact, in another chart created by Statista, WeChat’s monthly active users dramatically grew over the past four years, beating Instagram and Twitter. Moreover, more than half of these users are from China, aged 18 to 36 years old.

Top Markets Stats

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WeChat first started as a messaging app created by Giant Tencent. But as the numbers of active users grew, the developers added several features including shopping and payment systems. WeChat users can hail taxis, buy from e-commerce stores, pay their friends online, and can even access full-blown web apps within the messenger. Yes, WeChat was able to do all of these.

Whats WeChat

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With all its features, WeChat is an excellent tool you can use to update customers about your company. Furthermore, users can directly message you through their account, providing them with another level of interaction.

However, how can one find success within the boundaries of WeChat?

WeChat Marketing

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First, you have to create a service account on WeChat. Service accounts differ from personal accounts as the former allows you to have followers. To get an official and verified account, you need to have more than 500 fans.

Once your service account is all set up, you’ll be able to present products for followers and customers to purchase. WeChat users can access them any time of the day.


Interaction is the key. You have to regularly make your presence known on WeChat by publishing content, uploading videos and pictures, or audio related to your business. You must continually post relevant content to keep your followers interested. Create a connection.


Customers can follow you by searching for your account or scanning a QR code generated by WeChat. That is why most businesses in China post a QR code on their website, social media accounts, and blog sites, so WeChat users can quickly follow them.


Most businesses make the mistake of spamming their followers on social media sites. Never make the same mistake on WeChat. Doing such will affect your image, and you will instantly lose followers. It is important to be constant with your posting times and the number of posts.


WeChat is your key to making your brand known in the Asian market. Successful brands have already done it, such as Mcdo, Starbucks, Burberry, Coach, and Chanel.

To find out more about this, go to, a top WeChat marketing agency prepared to give you the know-how to market your business on WeChat.

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