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Google Shopping Campaign

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Have you heard of the thing called Google Shopping Campaign? Google Shopping Campaigns are used by businesses to promote their online and local inventory. These campaigns are effective ways to boost traffic to your website, moreover, to find better leads.

Google Shopping Campaigns work by allowing you to upload your product data to Merchant Center then create a campaign in Adwords. The campaign will then be used to create ads on Google and around the web, targeting online users that are interested in your business. They are called Shopping ads, and give users a strong sense of your product, leading better leads to your e-commerce site.

So how can Google Shopping Campaigns boost sales?

It can increase your e-commerce site’s traffic.

Since Shopping ads are shown in Google and shopping-related websites, it can increase your clickthrough rates (CTR) significantly. In fact, advertisers have agreed that Shopping ads had doubled and even tripled the standard number of their clickthrough rates.

It gives your business a broader presence.

Google actually allows showing more than one of your Shopping ads for a given user search. If relevant, Google can even show your text ad and shopping ad at the same time, giving you a defining advantage over other competitors.

It generates better-qualified leads.

Unlike text ads, Shopping ads feature product information, like product photo, title, price, store name, and more. Like it was stated, such information will give users a strong sense about the product you are selling.  It helps them make informed purchase decisions. It also makes shoppers more likely to buy the products.

It reports competitive data.

As Google has stated, they will let you see “how your products are performing at any level of granularity you want.” It has the Bid Simulator tool that can recognize the growth opportunities for your business with impression data.

Through these, Google reaches out to people who love the products you are selling and leading the right customers, thus increasing sales. To know more about Google Shopping ads, Cybertegic, a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, specializes in online marketing including Google Shopping Campaign.

Contact us today to schedule a one-on-one consultation to customize a Google Shopping Campaign for your business.


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