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Content Marketing

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Digital marketing is evolving and will continue to do so. For an e-commerce website to be able to succeed in the industry, it must learn to strive for innovation. The same thing goes for content marketing. That is why for today, we are going to discuss the top five marketing trends you should watch out for this 2017.

Pay attention to visual content.

Visual Content

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When it comes to content marketing, remember how important images are in attracting readers or visitors. As they say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” In today’s marketing, brands need to be more creative with their content’s format to break out from the norm. Doing so is what visual content is all about. In fact, even Google’s algorithm is now better at reading and analyzing images to know what your website is all about.

Trust in user-generated content.

Generated Content

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According to, 85% of people trust content made by others more than they trust brands’ content. This leads us to the basic rule of brand marketing: “gain the trust of your customers.” In the first place, we do content marketing because we want to reach our customers and build trust. User-generated content does the same thing and brings up much better results.

Email marketing is more important than you think.

Email Marketing

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In a previous article, email marketing is considered as an excellent way to communicate and update your customers on a regular basis. Moreover, to create an effective email, one must provide engaging content. One can try this by sending infographics about your service, or promotional banners that tell about your latest discounts or newest products. In a graph showed by, email has emerged as the most important part of a brand’s success in marketing content.

Content marketing thru social media channels.

Social Media Channels

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In this digital era, social media channels have indeed dominated the scene. Through connecting individual all over the world, these networks have been able to provide businesses effective channels to market their products or service. However, to be able to attract followers, one must learn the art of engaging people through trending content that is connected to their business. Share information about other things under your niche, don’t stick to solely promoting your products alone or else your followers will think you are spamming their newsfeed.

Engagement provides a vital importance.


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Lastly, one must remember, that to build a connection with your customers, you should learn to engage in conversations. Focus on your existing audience and ensure consistent engagement until it turns to conversion. Instead of just posting blog post weekly, create it in a way that it will spark an interest to your current followers. The content should keep them coming back. If possible, reply to comments and share views. Engagement is very vital to customers; it makes them feel special.


Content marketing is as vital as it was before. But for one to have a continuous success with it, you need to find new and innovative ways to make them more engaging and attractive to readers. Don’t be afraid to try out new things and learn to use visual and video content as a part of your content strategy.

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