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As the best internet marketing consultant, Cybertegic can help you with your social media campaign and in the Digital Age, utilizing social media for marketing is a must. As a matter of fact, in 2014, 92% of marketers said that social media was vital for their businesses, 80% of those marketers also said that having a social media presence helped them improve traffic to their websites.

Using social media as an essential part of the modern marketing strategy means a lot of opportunities for your business to succeed. You can have better brand recognition, website traffic, and conversions without spending a fortune by having an active social media presence. Let’s discuss more on the benefits you can expect.

Improved Brand Awareness

As a marketing ploy, social media allows you to share content and improve your brand’s visibility. Creating a social media account is how you get the ball rolling. With such a wide audience available, you will be able to interact with potential customers. Through these interactions, you can better improve your brand authority and reputation.

The people who view your page can share your content with others who may then share it with their social circle. The more users who know your brand and business, the more potential business you can have.

Increased Website Traffic

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Without social media, your website’s traffic is limited to those who already know about your company. Your social media profile and your posts are opportunities to reach out and acquire new customers for your business. By using different social media platforms to syndicate content, you can entice more people to view your website, business, and services.  

Better Search Engine Ranking

Search Engine Optimization is what helps your website rank better and gain more traffic. High-quality content with your targeted keywords syndicated through social media can help with your rankings. You should make content such as blogs, case studies, business information, and infographics which can make your business intriguing and credible.

More Conversions

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With the improved brand recognition, increased traffic, and better search engine rankings, you can expect your business to have more leads and potential conversions. Having a social media presence means you share pictures, comments, and statuses. Doing all these helps personify your brand which can make your business more approachable to customers.

These are just some of the benefits of having a social media campaign. Cybertegic is a digital marketing company in Los Angeles that you can turn to if you need help with setting up your social media presence and the rest of your online marketing campaign.

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