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Knowing what SEO and PPC can do will help you maximize them for your campaign.

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The primary difference between Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click is the traffic they generate. Organic SEO traffic is free while the traffic generated from PPC comes at a cost per click (as the name implies).

That difference is why you can see terms such as organic search engine listings and paid search advertising. As the best internet marketing consultant, we know that both SEO and PPC are part of an overall Internet marketing campaign. Here are some of the differences between the two and how you can utilize those features for your campaign:

The Position in Search Results

When using SEO, the first page rankings on search engines like Google is done through website optimization. For PPC, your ads get first page results if they have a high-quality score and you are amenable to paying a higher cost per click.

The Cost of SEO and PPC

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While SEO is free and PPC is paid, making sure you get the traffic and conversions you want means putting in time and effort whether you choose SEO, PPC, or both. There is steep competition in almost all keywords that you can search, and it is going to take a top quality website to be able to rank in the top five. In this regard, you may have to hire SEO experts to work on optimizing your site on your behalf.

Meanwhile, PPC costs vary on several factors. For example, using Google Adwords (one of the most popular PPC systems), price depends on the competition for certain keywords, the number of advertisers who want to use a specific keyword, and the ad positions for specific keywords, to name a few. While PPC costs may sound complicated, you only have to pay for clicks and views (cost per thousand impressions).

The Potential to Bring in More Traffic

The organic traffic that SEO generates is more than what PPC can generate. To ensure that organic traffic is continuous, you have to make sure that your website is continually optimized to have a better ranking on search engines.

However, while PPC may generate less traffic than SEO, having PPC means you’re getting traffic from people who have potential interest in your products or services; PPC can generate leads that are more likely to be conversions. Furthermore, if you have promotions that will only last a short period, you can utilize PPC to advertise those promos. 

How Both Can Help Your Campaign

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While they have their differences, using both SEO and PPC for your digital marketing campaign is a boost. Whether through organic traffic or ads, making your brand name more visible can help you get the conversions you want in the long run. When you need a digital marketing company in Los Angeles to take care of SEO and PPC, Cybertegic is here to lend you a hand.


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