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When we all get tired of the work, we sometimes need a boost of motivation or engaging visual content about our industry — digital marketing. As a part of the Cybertegic Team, the best internet marketing consultant, I suggest that you check out these five Youtube channels that will inspire you to work hard in achieving your marketing goals.

Moz HQ


Moz HQ is the official youtube channel of the Seattle-based SaaS company SEO Moz that provides marketing analytics as well as inbound marketing software subscriptions to e-commerce businesses and digital marketers. Aside from that, the company hosts a website which includes an online community of more than a million digital marketers and digital marketing tools. Moz HQ is where they share the latest information about building SEO, links, and brand awareness.

Web Marketing Today


Web Marketing Today publishes articles, videos, and webinars that help smaller online businesses to grow. The company specializes in Internet marketing, local business, search engine optimization, and social media marketing. This channel gives insights and analysis for smaller companies as well as the latest information and strategy about digital marketing. Its topics comprise of SEO, email marketing, conversion, lead generation, social, analytics, and web design.

Entrepreneur Online

From business ideas to trends, Entrepreneur releases videos about the latest news, growth strategies, and expert advice for small business owners. It is the official Youtube channel of Entrepreneur Magazine which publishes stories about business, small business management, and entrepreneurship. Its news and ideas are from Entrepreneur Magazine and Entrepreneur Network partners. What you’ll love about this channel is how it focuses on motivating small business owners.

Michael Hyatt


Michael S. Hyatt is a known author, speaker, and blogger, who happens to be the former chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers. He started blogging years ago and grew a huge audience which has launched an online membership site. Michael’s not really the marketing guru who knows the inside and out of digital marketing. However, he is a brilliant guy who gives the right advice that works. The best contents he has are usually about leadership and motivation, things you’ll definitely need to grow a business.



HubSpot first started as an inbound marketing movement which grew and aims to provide the right tools for SEO, content management, web analytics, and social media marketing. In their official Youtube channel, they share the newest trends on how you can transform your marketing into something that your users will love. They believe that through quality blogs, engaging social media posts, and smartly-executed SEO, e-commerce businesses can attract high-quality leads that will lead them to their success.

So what are you waiting for? Follow these Youtube channels to improve your digital marketing strategies.

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