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For the past few years, infographics have become an increasing trend. Moreover, with Google’s new update about its image search and how it can now impact traffic data, digital marketers are giving more importance to visual marketing, and that includes infographics.

If you are not sure whether you should use infographics as a means of marketing, then here are the reasons why you should.

Infographics are easy to understand and catch your audience’s attention.

Catch Attention

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Over 90% of information processed in the brain is visual. Moreover, this is the reason why people are easily attracted to visual elements. This also explains why contents online gain more traffic when they feature several images. It is also the reason why the best marketing consultants think that infographics are useful when it comes to capturing the attention of your audiences. Thanks to its visual graphics, people quickly understand your content.

Infographics can increase your brand awareness.

Brand Awareness

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Businesses don’t only use infographics to share content but also to show relevant information regarding their business such as the logo, website address, and contact information. This makes it a truly effective way to increase brand awareness and let the viewers know more about your business. In fact, in an article created by MDG Advertising, publishing and sharing infographics can increase the traffic of your e-commerce website by at least 12% percent.

Infographics is a sure way to make your content go viral.

Go Viral

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Since infographics have visual elements, they attract more viewers compared to contents with only texts. Due to its compelling visual content, they attract people so much that most tend to share them with their social media accounts or circle of influences. Such things can cause the visual content to go viral. For example, if you upload an engaging infographic on your Facebook page, your followers will hit like and even share it with their friends and followers.

Infographics can boost your SEO efforts.

Boost SEO

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Visually-appealing infographics can improve your SEO in many ways. Let’s start with the fact that you can put tags on them since they are images. This can help you raise the count of a particular keyword you’re aiming to rank in Google. Aside from that, infographics lead to viewers interaction. It gives your followers something to talk about, and that is something Google looks for, the perception of its users regarding the website. Every share or retweet of your infographics is a big help in your SEO efforts.

Infographics are simple and straightforward.

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Some people just don’t have the patience to read a 500-word content. Some just want to get the information they want immediately. This is what infographics have to offer. They are short and direct, and is also the reason why they are easier to understand. In fact, a research made by stated that infographics are much easier to process and 30% more likely to be read than a text article.

So what do you think about the power of infographics? Do you think it can help your business?

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