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SEO Terms

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New to digital marketing? Then I bet you’re having a hard time understanding the SEO terms that experts are throwing in their representations or consultations to help your business. That’s why we at Cybertegic, the best internet marketing consultant in Los Angeles, decided to give you a short but helpful guide.

Here are 10 of the most used SEO terms you should definitely memorize:

Link Building

Link Building is a digital marketing process that SEO experts do to increase the numbers of inbound links to a website, and improved their search engine rankings. It is also known as SEO backlinking.

Inbound Link

Inbound Links are the links from other websites directed to your site. Quality links from trusted sites with high Page Ranks can improve your Search Page Ranking.

Internal Link

Internal Link is the link from one page to another existing on the same website. For example, a link to your homepage can be seen from your product page.

Indexed Pages

Indexed Pages are the pages in your website that are stored and remembered by search engines. You can do this on Google manually by submitting your site links on Google Webmasters.


In SEO, the keyword is the exact word a user enters in search engine box. It is recommended that a website should be optimized to draw visitors who have searched the keyword related to their website.


Metadata is the SEO term for the data found in your backend that tells a search engine what your website is about. These includes Meta Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, etc.


SERP or Search Engine Ranking Page is that page that is sent after you run a query in a search engine. The default number of results on Google is ten, but may be set to 100 in the search settings.  


Traffic refers to the numbers or statistics of the users that visit your website.


A sitemap is a particular document which is created by the webmaster or a piece of software which records a map of all the pages on the websites. It makes it easier for the search engine to index that site.

RSS Feed

RSS Feed stands for really simple syndication. It is a subscription-based way for visitors to get updates on new content from a web source. Anyone can set up an RSS feed for your website or blog to help followers stay updated.

Hope these helped!

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