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If you’re an online business, of course, you want to learn more about the potential customers who visit your website. The best way to do this is by analyzing the behavior reports from Google Analytics. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic knows the benefits from utilizing data from analytics.

In using analytics for your website, you can change your site for the better, so it ensures you’re targeting the audience that you want. When you have Google Analytics connected to your website, you can see a side navigation bar with the following sections:

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  • Real-Time – This shows you what’s happening on your website in real time. You can see how many visitors are currently on your site and you can see what pages they’re viewing.
  • Audience – This gives detailed information about the visitors to your website.
  • Acquisition – This shows how visitors arrive at your site. It arranges the visitors according to the channel they used to view your site.
  • Behavior – This shows how people are interacting with your website and its different pages.
  • Conversions – This shows you conversion data for each activity on your site.

These are all information which you can act upon, so you adjust your website to help improve your customers’ experience whenever they visit your site. Here’s a little more detail on what those sections contain:


You can track the average time a user stays on specific pages of your website in this section. You can see what time of day your site has the most views, and how many visitors just see one page who exit your site only after viewing one page.


From this section, you can see more details about who’s viewing your site. It includes their location, the number of views they have on your website, how visitors view the different pages on your website, the device they use to view, and in what language they read the site in, just to name a few.


Acquisitions are data about how your website obtain traffic. It records your organic traffic, paid, referral, email, and social media. It gives you important information regarding the performance of your marketing campaigns.


Conversions are your end goals. It determines the success of your website and business. Being able to check how much visitors end up purchasing the goods or services is the validation you need to continue or stop certain campaigns.

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As a digital marketing company in City of Industry, Los Angeles, Cybertegic is well-versed in the use of analytics to help you achieve your internet marketing goals. For information about Google Analytics or digital marketing, check out!

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