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If you’re looking for a way to boost traffic to your website and blog, adding nice images is a step in the right direction. In developing your brand through your blog, it’s important to remember that blogging is a combination of various peripheries including the texts, images, videos, and other media elements. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic is aware of the benefits of including photos on your blog.

You’ve heard the saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words” before. Here are a few reasons why adding images to each blog post is a must:

Adding Visual Appeal

Images on a blog post.

Having pictures posted on your blog makes the content look more appealing, especially when you’re using images that help convey the subject or message of your content. The photos you use should be relevant to the content you’re posting.

In some blogs, there’s a related posts thumbnail in the sidebar which can show an image thumbnail of a different post. This can help higher CTR and decrease bounce rate from your website.

Image Search Engine Results

Having images can help generate traffic through image search engines like Google Images. You will have to optimize the images by adding alt texts, image descriptions, and other meta data. In your descriptions and alt texts, you can also add your keywords.

More Shares on Social Media

Since content with images is more visually appealing, it makes your posts more likely to be shared on social media channels like Facebook and Twitter. This will help drive traffic from social media to your website. Make sure you’re using images that are optimized for use on social media.

Makes Articles Look Long

When you insert an image into your article, it makes the content look longer. It won’t increase word count, but it makes the copy look more detailed and organized. Even for shorter posts, adding one or two images can help make the article look better.

Can Offer Better Content Explanation

People with laptops at a cafe.

Sometimes, you may have to write about a subject that can be too difficult or technical to explain. For example, if you’re writing a tutorial about how to lift weights, it can help people understand what you’re saying in the article by adding images of how to do a specific routine.

With these benefits in mind, make it a point to keep putting images on your blog posts. For more information about blogging or digital marketing, check out!


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