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Writing AdWords text ads can be a challenge. Since you can only fit in 25 characters for your headline, you need to think of a message that will help your advertisement from standing out. Creativity is going to be the key here, and as a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic has the tips that can help you use your AdWord text ads more effectively.

If you’re looking to improve your text ads, here are a few tips that you should consider:

Know Your Customer’s Goals

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A lot of text ads will be saying the same thing. So you have to take the right steps to ensure that your ad is the one that stands out from the competition. To do so, make sure that you can identify what people want from your products and services.

For example, because of the keywords you’re using, you already know that your customers are looking for a specific product or service. Let’s say they’re looking for the best digital marketing company in City of Industry, Los Angeles. The end goal of your potential customer is to look for a company that can help them with their digital marketing efforts.  An excellent way to write the ad would be — Expert Digital Marketers.

Set a Countdown Timer

Psychology tells us that people are more motivated to act out of the fear of losing out on something rather than gaining something. It is called loss aversion, and you can use this to your advantage. If your company has a limited offer, consider using a countdown timer in your text ads.

Use Specific Figures

The more specific you are about what services you can provide, the more likely people will be clicking on your ads. Being specific makes you look more believable which can improve your conversions.

Be More Personal

In writing ads, focus on your customers’ needs. When you can, use the pronoun “you” to make it sound like you’re speaking with your customers. Tell them about the benefits that you can offer them.  

Add a Locale

Even if you’re offering your products or services on a nationwide, it’s still a good idea to market locally. You might have a good number of customers from specific areas, and use ads that are geo-targeted improve your conversion rates.

Keep Testing What Works Best

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There are a lot of combinations that you can try to find the most efficient texts for your ads. With our tips, you can better utilize AdWords to improve your conversion rate. For more information on effective digital marketing strategies, check out!

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