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If your e-commerce business is just starting, then you might want to pay more attention to your website’s SEO. It is a marketing discipline that focuses on growing your business’ visibility in non-paid search engine results like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. With the help of SEO, your e-commerce website can attain a high number of visitors, increase sales, and build brand awareness, paving the way for your business to grow.

Curious to know how SEO can drive sales to your site? Then we at Cybertegic, the best internet marketing consultant, created this list to help you get started with your SEO strategy:

Build SEO-friendly pages.

First and foremost, it’s essential to build an SEO friendly website consisting of SEO-optimized pages. Website pages should all have unique and quality content, user-friendly URLs and page titles, as well as canonical tags,  to avoid duplicate content penalties. It is also crucial to check for broken links, crawl errors, and HTML errors, and immediately fix it.

Deliver a unique user experience.

In today’s modern world, more mobile devices than desktops are used today. This lead to Google instructing websites to work on their codes and make it mobile-friendly. Sites should be compatible with small screens and loads fast.

Provide content and navigation to meet user experience needs.

If you want your customers or visitors to stay on your website, then remember to provide well-descriptive content and navigation that allows users to quickly look at your site especially when buying products.

Check your website if it’s mobile-friendly.

Once you have made the changes to update your website into a mobile-friendly site. It is important to still check if your website has met all the criteria. You can do this by putting your website’s link on Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test website at

Use search data.

Remember to use search data to improve your SEO strategy. You can use search data mining to build SEO-optimized for 10 to 20 keywords or product sets. Monitor it for a few days, and watch if it has any effects on the sales of those products.

Prioritize website maintenance.

Website maintenance is an essential part of SEO. Make sure to create more pages as new search term arises. And always make regular adjustments to all the pages based on new trends, seasons or other changes in the website’s shopping behavior.

Leverage recommendations.

Recommending products on your website can also help with your sales. For example, you can show some of your best-selling products or new arrivals on your homepage. Such strategy can help your website to increase its sales by about 10%.

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