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Social PPC advertising is simply using pay-per-click marketing on social media channels. There are several social media channels that you can choose to advertise. In this blog series, we’ll be discussing how you can make more effective ads for Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic will be guiding you. The first part of our PPC marketing guide will discuss Facebook marketing.

Facebook is one of the social media platforms that you can use for your PPC advertising strategies. Since Facebook receives the lion’s share of social media use, using Facebook will allow you to reach a large audience. To do so, here are some tips for you to consider:

Be Aware of the Guidelines

Facebook has strict requirements when it comes to how ads can be displayed on their site. An example of these guidelines is that you can’t have ads that automatically play audio. Before you post any ads, make sure you’re following the rules!

Be Mindful of Text Ads

Facebook ads have a feature for users that search engines don’t have — users can opt not to see ads they don’t like. Facebook will then ask the user why they don’t want to see it. If few people like seeing your ad then it won’t be displayed anymore. Make sure that your ads aren’t too pushy with your call to action.

Also, make sure you’re maximizing the ad space that Facebook can offer. You only get 25 characters for your ad title. For the body, it’s 135 characters. Include all the pertinent information about your products or services so that you can get the clicks you’re looking for.

Use Attractive Images

Facebook ads only use one image. Pick an enticing image that will capture the essence of what you want to market, be it a product or service.

Familiarize Yourself with Your Target Audience

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Show ads that are relevant to the audience that you’re targeting. Consider factors like the age, city, nationality, or educational attainment of your audience. You can finetune your ads to target specific groups.

Identify Campaign Goals

What would you want your ads to accomplish? Do you want more brand exposure? Do you want more conversions? If you want more exposure, consider cost per impression advertising, and for conversions, pay per click is the way to go.

Keep Your Budget in Mind

The minimum daily budget for Facebook ads is $1 for both clicks and cost per impression advertising. If you have to be thrifty about advertising, then this a good way to market your products and services on social media. The cost per click is one cent, while the minimum cost per impression is two cents. Remember though that the lower your budget, the less frequent your ads will be displayed.

Make Use of the Bid Estimator

If you don’t have a clear idea about what amount will get you the most exposure, make use of Facebook’s bid estimator. When you create your ads, the bid estimator will allow you to set your target criteria. This will give you several options for your bid.

Monitor Ad Performance

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Make use of the Facebook ad manager and reports to monitor the performance of your ads. These tell you how many people viewed them, how many clicked, and how many became conversions. The reports will also indicate how much you’ve spent, who viewed your ads, and who clicked on them. These reports will tell you if your ads are effective or not.

Facebook is one of the ways that you can use paid advertising on social media. We’ll continue to discuss social media marketing on Instagram and Twitter in the next two parts of this blog series.


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