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Twitter worldwide use.

In the first two parts of this series, we discussed tips on how you can make use of Facebook and Instagram for your PPC marketing efforts. In this third and final section, we’ll be talking about how you can use Twitter for your paid advertising. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic is well-versed in making use of social media for your online marketing needs.

Millions of people log in to their Twitter feeds every day so that they can see what their friends are up to, to check the news, and to see the latest trends and products. On average, 9,100 tweets are sent every second according to studies, and as a marketer, you want to ride the exposure so you can achieve your campaign targets.

To make the most of Twitter for your social media marketing, here’s what you need to do:

Perform Your Setup

This is going to be the main focus of your overall Twitter marketing campaign. Similar to how you set up your Facebook and Instagram ads, create an account on and begin crafting the campaign you want. Like all campaigns, figure out the main goal of your Twitter marketing whether it’s to improve traffic and conversions or to generate leads.

Have a Name that Defines Your Goal

First, you have to set up your campaign’s name. Make sure that from the name alone, people know what you want to accomplish by just looking at it. In the campaign setup, you can also indicate when the campaign starts and ends.

Select Your Targets

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Next, you want to select your target audience. Under the “add keywords” section, you can find the following targeting button. Put in names of people or businesses. This way, you can create a segment of your audience that is relevant to your campaign. Once you input usernames, select a potential audience size. Twitter can also recommend the ideal audience size and as well as users that you may want to consider targeting.

Set the Budget

Choose your daily max spending for the campaign. Add a total budget to your bid too so you can prevent overspending. Go to the choose pricing portion. You can choose to let Twitter have full control with automatic bids, or you can opt for max bids with each click your ads get. If you select max, Twitter will recommend a bid based on what other advertisers are bidding.

Make the Content

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Now you compose your tweet. Ensure that your CTA and ads will add value to the usernames you have listed down earlier. Be creative with and make them as eye-catching as possible.

With our tips on how to use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, you can make the most out of the social media channels for your PPC marketing efforts. For more information on how social media marketing or our internet marketing services, check out!  

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