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Instagram opened on a laptop.

Instagram has become a popular platform for being able to share stories with pictures or videos. In particular, Instagram brands itself as a platform that focuses on beautiful photos and videos that can help illustrate the users’ lifestyles. Because of this visual appeal, Instagram Shopping is quickly becoming more popular. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic is aware of the growing use of Instagram for selling products.

If you’re considering running an Instagram shopping campaign, here are few things that you need to know:

Be Sure of What You Want to Sell

This is your identity as a seller. What do you want to sell on your account? If you’re into fashion and other lifestyle products, brand yourself as such. Identify the aesthetic you want for the page and use the Instagram filters according to the look you want for your products. This will help you better market products to your target audience.

Use Hashtags to Improve Visibility

Hashtag in text form.

The use of hashtags is a great way to improve how your products are discovered on your page. This will help customers look your products on the search feature of the Instagram app. Also, it pays to be creative with the use of hashtags, so try to develop your own that’s unique to your brand and business.

Be Detailed with Product Descriptions

While a picture is worth a thousand words, product descriptions are still a must so that your potential customers know what they’re getting. Don’t forget that the descriptions also serve the purpose of making the post more attractive to customers, so make sure you add a few emojis to get across to younger demographics.

Consider Linking Your Account to an E-Commerce Platform

There are various e-commerce platforms that help your customers avail of your products easier. This will help you track the purchases for your products. Certain e-commerce platforms have their own tools that can help you identify which products are selling and which need more marketing pushes to get across to your customer base.

Partner with Notable Influencers

Instagram open in cellphone.

In the interest of promoting brand awareness and increasing your sales, try to team up with notable personalities on Instagram that are known for using the products you’re selling. This can help advertise your products to a much wider audience.

Instagram shopping is an excellent new way to use social media to increase conversions and improve branding. For more information and tips on selling products online or other digital marketing campaigns, check out!


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