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Man holding a video camera.

In a previous blog post, we discussed how you can create better marketing videos. It’s clear that the use of video content in websites and blogs has seen increased use in recent years and have proven to be effective when it comes to improving your website’s search engine rankings. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic can provide you with tips that will help you incorporate more video content into your marketing efforts.

Here are some ideas to make sure your video content works well with your SEO marketing strategy:

Make Videos that are Relevant to Your Audience

Your audience should be able to find value in watching your videos. It means that you need to make content that is relevant to your target audience and potential customers. This is step one in creating quality videos for your website. More quality content, the more your site appears as an authority. And as an authority, you can expect improved trust in your brand and increased conversions.

Another factor that can also affect your audience’s decision to watch your videos is the thumbnail you’re using. Make sure that the thumbnail you select is a clear and relevant representation of what your audience can expect from the video.

Keep Your Videos Within Your Domain

Video camera on top of rocks.

If you’re making video content that will keep your website on top of search engine rankings, then you need to host the videos on your own domain to ensure that search engines do not direct traffic to other websites.

Of course, that would depend on your digital marketing goals. For example, you’re planning to increase your reach, then posting on video streaming sites like YouTube makes sense. However, if the goal is improving search engine ranking and website traffic, then this would be detrimental to your efforts because Google will direct users to YouTube instead of your website.

Also, make sure that each video has their own page so that Google can have an easier time indexing them.

Add the Relevant Metadata

Your videos should have the necessary metadata so that search engines can easily index them. Adding the title, description, and thumbnails are all vital information that you need to provide.

Make sure titles are short and concise, descriptions should provide more details and your keywords, and the file name for your video should be relevant.

Optimize Your Keywords

Keyword research is also necessary for your video content, and it can help you create more userrelevant content for your audience. Find out which keywords and phrases can help you have better search engine results.

Ensure That Your Videos Include a Transcript

A full transcript of your video can be useful to your SEO if it has the right keywords. This can help search engines index your content accurately.

Have a Video Sitemap

a screenshot of a sitemap.

The sitemap gives the necessary data about your video and gives search engines an idea about the video’s context. This is another way to show the title, description, duration, and subject of the video.

By incorporating these tips into your video content creation, you can ensure that your videos are in line with your overall digital marketing goal of increasing traffic to your website and improving conversion rates. For more information about content creation and other internet marketing strategies, check out!

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