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A lot of companies are publishing and promoting their content online, either to drive traffic to their websites and/or boost conversion rates. With all that content being published every second, the competition for your customers’ attention has become much more intense. With that said, Cybertegic is the digital marketing company in Los Angeles can help you with your content marketing strategy.

In generating content, it’s important to note the various changes SEO has undergone since its inception. Instead of making keyword-centric content, the focus now is creating user-centric content while being able to convince search engines that you have the best content.

In making content, there are going to be mistakes every now and then, but fortunately, you can easily avoid them. Here are some common SEO content mistakes and how you should address these issues:

Optimizing Content For Only One Keyword

This was the old practice of making SEO content, but nowadays this can make for poor user content and will make audiences veer away from your site. Instead, don’t optimize for just one keyword. Think about keyword topics that include words and terms that are relevant to your business and to your users.

Not Optimizing For Mobile

Most people nowadays view content on their mobile phones or tablets, not their PCs. Neglecting to make your website mobile-friendly results in poor user experience, which can negatively impact your search rankings. So take time to test and optimize your website for mobile users.

Not Optimizing Site Speed

Faster websites will have a better crawl rate and improved user experience. Make this one of your priorities when you’re optimizing your website so that your rankings can improve.

Not Having the Right Internal Links

SEO and the concepts involved.

If you’ve managed to draw in an audience for your content, your potential customers are going to look for more to read. Having internal links to pages that your audience might be interested can help improve user experience, and thus rankings.

Having Hard To Read Content

Your audience is look for information that they can absorb easily and quickly. If not, they’re more likely to view a different website instead. Large blocks of text can be an eyesore, especially for your audience on their mobile phones. Make prodigious use of headings, subheadings, and bullet points whenever you can to make it easier for users to read your content.

Lack of Image Optimization

Aside from the text, having images is another element of good quality content. Lack of image optimization means that websites don’t have the appropriate information whenever they index your website. This will be detrimental to your search ranking. Make sure you fill in title tags, meta tags, and other relevant information of your images.

Not Focusing on Quality

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It’s not the website with more pages that wins, it’s the website with better content. Instead of trying to out-create your competitors, focus instead on making quality content that your users will find relevant and helpful to what they’re looking for. Your content strategy should include a target audience and the appropriate keywords and phrases.

Once you address these issues, you can have expertly made content that’s ready to catch your customers’ attention, while helping your page rank higher in search engines. For more information on making digital content for your marketing needs, check out!

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