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Visual marketing is becoming more popular than before because social media now is all the rage. Marketers who have incorporated it into their strategies have reaped the rewards — increases in followers, subscribers, leads, and clients.

To give you more insights into what visual content can do for your business, we decided to provide you with this list:

Humans are visual beings.

Humans are visual beings

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We are visual beings, no doubt about that. In a research conducted by 3M Corporation, humans process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Our brains were designed to remember images easily. This makes pictures essential for our learning. And this is the same reason why most people today prefer to obtain information through visual content from online sources.

Visual content stands out.

Visual content stands out

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Visual content is the easiest way to stand out from the crowd. In an article written by Betahaus Academy, images are likely to get 38% more likes compared to other content marketing. This is because humans are likely to pay more attention to ads with visuals than those without.

Visual content drives engagement.

Visual content drives engagement

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Shared content generates more views when added with compelling visual elements and graphics. In fact, views can almost double in number if they also contain videos, so the next time you share something on your social media accounts or blog, make sure it has appealing visuals.

It works well with social media channels.

It works well with social media channels

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In an article from Hubspot, 74% of marketers see visual content as an asset, especially in their social media strategy. It is also said that Facebook posts with images are two times more engaging than those without images. In Twitter, tweets with images receive 150% more retweets compare to tweets with text content alone.

It can easily be shared.

It can easily be shared

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Popular visual content like infographics and memes can go viral if people like them well enough to share them with their online communities. Visuals that can go viral will likely boost your brand, reaching hundreds of audiences and targeting potential customers.

They create more impact.

They create more impact

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Visual content also creates more impact because it can influence human emotions. According to the psychology of colors, there are specific colors and color combination that can generate a particular type of feeling from a viewer. These visuals can also influence the viewer to actually check a product or service is presented.

Visual content is a powerful marketing tool.

Visual content is a powerful marketing tool

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Lastly, visual content is one of the most powerful online marketing tools. It is actually considered by the best internet marketing consultants as a valuable asset which can boost your brand, introduce your product to more audience, and increase your website’s visitors and sales.

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