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Graphic of a laptop with Google open.

As practitioners of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to know how your potential customers make use of search engines like Google to maximize your marketing strategy. Being able to relate to your customers can go a long way in developing an effective SEO strategy. As a trusted digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic can help.

Whether you’re marketing products, services, or both, there are three generally known reasons how and why people use search engines. Take note of them below.

Asking About Transactions

Laptop open with card on top.

These searches involve asking about purchasing something specific. Examples of these searches are when one is looking for plane tickets, one is looking for a hotel to stay in, or a restaurant where to place a reservation. These are the kinds of searches where one is trying to “do” or accomplish something.

Looking for Information

These are queries that deal with finding specific information about a place, product, or services. For example, one is looking for the name of businesses in Los Angeles, one is looking for more details about a certain product, service, or company. The keyword to remember with informational searches is that the user is looking to know more about something.

Finding Directions

Person walking on pavement with directional arrows.

These are basically questions about navigation to a location. For example, the user wants to visit a specific page on the Internet like Facebook or Twitter, or if they’re looking for directions to a particular establishment. These searches deal with where the user wants to go.

Now that you have a general sense of what search engine users want to do, know, and go, you can craft your SEO strategy to better answer their searches. Update your blog, website, and social media accounts, build links with third party websites, and wait as the traffic and conversions pour in.

With these in mind, you can craft a more user-friendly SEO strategy that can help you increase traffic and conversions on your website. Remember, search engines exist to be able to provide relevant results. If your SEO strategy is focused on providing those results, the more it will benefit your search ranking. For more information on effective digital marketing, check out!


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