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AdWords spelled using scrabble tiles

Google has just released a new user interface for AdWords for all advertisers. Google is dubbing this “the new AdWords experience.” But what does this mean for you as a PPC advertiser, aside from it being more pleasing to the eye? As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles, Cybertegic is familiar with AdWords and this new update. We’ve found interesting and useful benefits you can expect from the new interface:

New Options for Demographic Targets

With Google’s Demographic Targeting for Search Ads in the old UI, advertisers reach out and message users who are of different ages and/or genders. In the new one, Google now allows advertisers to target users based on their parental status and their household income.

The former is useful for businesses that offer products or services that cater to a specific age group. For example, your business deals with toys or school supplies. All you have to do is target users who have kids.

The latter is perfect for when you need to target audiences with different budgets and spending capabilities. For example, if you’re marketing luxury products, you would want to focus on users that are capable of purchasing expensive luxurious items.

Extensions for Promotions

A screenshot of some of the new UI features.

In the Ads & Extensions tab in the menu, there is now an option that allows you to highlight any special sale you might have on your website. In choosing this, you can save characters on your ad copy. Additionally, it gives the opportunity to focus on the promo with two headlines, URL, and the extension.

You can expect a high CTR of over 10% by using the promotion extension option.

New Way to Make Reports

The new Google AdWords UI is now able to illustrate breakdowns of clicks, costs, and conversions on all platforms (Desktop, Mobile, and Tablet). This can help make it easier for you to optimize bid adjustments according to the device.

On these reports, you can also view how your ads perform at various times of the day which is an excellent way to optimize your scheduling.

Lastly, you can now sort your search terms and related word into clouds that can help you identify new keywords for your campaign.

Bid Management Convenience

Screenshots of new UI of Google AdWords.

Managing bids is possibly one of the most difficult tasks to do in your AdWords campaign. But the new UI is here to make life a lot easier for advertisers. There’s a new advanced bid adjustment option which can help AdWords have more control over your bid. The option can help prioritize ads on SERPs, so that call extensions or call-only campaigns are more visible.

You can do a lot with the new Google AdWords UI. With these benefits, you can create a more optimized PPC campaign which can potentially lead to higher conversion rates. Should you need help with your PPC marketing efforts, check out!


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