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Tablet with Google AdWords data open.

We’ve seen a lot of changes with PPC in 2017 and the progress is sure to continue this 2018. With the rise of audience targeting, artificial intelligence, and local marketing, we can expect these to be the focal point for developers and advertisers alike. As a digital marketing company in Los Angeles with experience in pay-per-click advertising, Cybertegic can help your PPC efforts adjust to any of these developments.

Here are the trends in 2018 that you have to be ready for:

Structured Data is Even More Important

Person working on a laptop.

Structured data for your ads is going to be a big factor in getting high rankings in 2018 with the launch of Google’s mobile-first index. Google will be pulling more information from ads. As advertisers, you can submit product data feed to Google’s Merchant Center, and the business data feed for AdWords shopping campaign. All this will help catalog your ads for better rankings.

Voice Search will be a Factor in Advertising

Voice search is on the rise thanks to the increase in sales of smart speakers and virtual assistants like Siri, Google, Cortana, and Alexa. As advertisers, we need to track how voice can impact search behaviors and results.

A voice search can yield different results to users and display these on the screen for the user to peruse. But with smart speakers, these results can be returned through audio. The latter development can present a potential challenge for advertisers since ads would need to be modified to match broad searchers with voice.

Whether smart speakers are going to be the norm in the years to come is yet to be seen, but if it does, it pays to be prepared.

Artificial Intelligence Will Change How We WorkLaptop with code on display.

Ad rotations and creation, bid optimization, and displaying ad extensions are all becoming more automated with artificial intelligence. This can help make work much easier for advertisers.

By handing over these daily chores to the AI means that you can have more time to focus on creating more creative ads for your campaign. With AI getting better, it can create an opportunity for those that can adapt to these changes quickly.

More Ad Innovations from Google and Amazon

Google and Amazon are embroiled in a rivalry for product search supremacy. Amazon is starting to become a search and display advertising giant in its own right. With Amazon taking Google to a task, Google has implemented ad-driver programs like Google Express, Local Services by Google, and Purchases on Google.

With those new search and display advertising platforms to use, it’s clear that this rivalry is something advertisers should watch out for.

Staying ahead of the competition is a must for any business. By taking note of these trends for 2018, you can keep your PPC marketing campaign on track for success. If you need any assistance in managing your advertising efforts, feel free to contact us.


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