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Increase Facebook Followers

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According to Forbes, there are now over 40 million small businesses that use Facebook to promote their brand. And if you happen to be included in that number then you definitely know how hard it is to get users to like your page.

So as one of the best internet marketing consultants in Los Angeles, we decided to help you with your dilemma.

Below, we listed down seven tips on how you can easily increase your Facebook followers:

Ways to Increase Your Facebook Followers

Use images and videos as a regular part of your content strategy.

Humans are visual creatures. That’s why we are likely to be attracted to content with pictures or videos. So if you want to get more attention and engagement on your posts, then we suggest that you use more videos and images in your content strategy.

Share viral content.

One sure way to get more followers is by sharing viral content. This lets your followers know that you are updated with the trends. Viral content is more likely to be shared by your followers too, increasing the chance for more people to see your page and posts.


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Use Facebook Plugin on your website and blog.

Facebook Plugin, previously known as Like Box, is a great way to increase your likes and followers. A Like button next to your blog post is excellent for getting your content shared, while the Page plugin will help boost your Page Likes.

Use hashtags.

Marketers have known the power of hashtags in social media channels including on Facebook. Using hashtags will allow you to reach potential followers and customers that are actually searching for your niche, industry, or product.

Facebook Tips

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Engage with your followers.

Remember to engage with your followers on a regular basis. Leave thoughtful comments in response to their posts. This increases your good reputation and also makes your followers trust your brand more.

Use Facebook Live.

Facebook Live is an excellent way of engaging your followers and also getting the attention of other people. Just make sure to deliver great content to your Facebook Live to keep them interested.

Promote your Facebook page.

Last but not the least, promote your Facebook page on other social media accounts. You can do this by occasionally pointing your Instagram or Twitter followers to discussions happening on your Facebook page.

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