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A more mobile-focused SEO

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SEO continues to live, and it will continue to affect your digital marketing strategy. With that, might as well embrace it, and get to know more about how it works. Here are 10 SEO facts that could help you understand its components and use it to grow your online business.


Fact #1

According to, the URLs or websites that ranked from top 1 to top 5 in SERPs actually gets 75% of the user clicks. And a lot of this percentage actually goes to the top 3 spots, with the top 1 gaining the most user clicks and traffic. After all, users pretty much rely and trust on the results Google comes up with when they are searching for something.

Fact #2

Google actually owns 70% of the search engine market share, and this percentage goes higher every year. This is the reason why the best internet marketing consultants recommend that you focus your ads and SEO efforts on Google, and not on any other websites.

Fact #3

50% of all search users actually use mobile phones, not desktops. Mobile search has been growing fast, so it’s not a big surprise to note that most people now use their mobile devices to actually search on Google. This is also the reason why Google released mobile updates and advised websites to become mobile-responsive.

Fact #4

The most challenging thing in SEO is link building and keyword research. Link building continues to change as Google continually release update by update. While keyword research is difficult because of the competition. You need to find a keyword that is profitable, and that is quite hard.

Fact #5

75% of search users actually never turn to the second page of the search results. There is a large difference between the clicks and the traffic of the websites on the first page, compared to those who are on the second page.

Fact #6

81% of the businesses actually consider their blogs as an important asset to their online business. This is because blogs actually have 43% more indexed pages. Of course, e-commerce websites with more indexed pages get more leads.

Fact #7

Video marketing does more than what it looks like. According to Google, having a video on your landing page increases your chance to show up on Google’s first page by 53%.

Fact #8

Over 58% of marketers that have been using social media sites for a year or more shows actual improvement in their search engine rankings. Aside from that, social media is a great way to market your brand.

Fact #9

And when it comes to social media channels, Google+ actually has the highest correlated social factor when it comes to SEO ranking. So you might want to start focusing on Google+ from now on and made sure to use hashtags.

Fact #10

Another fact about content marketing, 53% of online marketers consider content creation as the single most effective SEO strategy. This is also the reason why most e-commerce websites also have blogs to start with.


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