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SEO is not something you can easily learn overnight. Digital marketing experts know that is a continuous learning process since SEO changes from time to time. And if you’re just starting to learn about how it works, we suggest that you start with the usual SEO mistakes people make.

Here are five of the most common mistakes you should avoid:

Choosing the wrong target keyword.

SEO is all about optimizing a keyword for your website to rank. But to do that, you need to choose the right one. Most people neglect the preference of search engines and users for long tail keywords. However, it is important to focus on the words that your potential customers would use to search for your products or service.

To avoid choosing the wrong ones, you can use keyword tools such as Google Adwords Keyword Planner, MOZ Keyword Explorer, or Google Trends. These tools will help you know the search volume of each keyword you have in mind, and which of them can actually work for you.

Not optimizing your title tag and meta descriptions.

Optimizing keywords goes beyond placing links and keywords on contents. You also have to practice on-page optimization. This means paying attention to your website’s meta-data which includes the title tag, meta descriptions, meta-tags, h1, and h2. Filling up these elements can actually help your website to rank up. Metadata is actually optimizing factors, which search engines read when crawling your site. It can actually help boost the performance of your website’s content if done correctly.

Building a poor site structure.

When website developers build a new website, they don’t always integrate the best SEO practices in its structure. This is understandable since website developers aren’t SEO specialists. But once your website is built, it is necessary to hire a specialist or a digital marketing consultant to help you with your site structure. And always remember that a properly optimized website structure can boost your website’s ranking on Google, improve the bouncing rate and customer traffic.

Making mistakes with 301 and 302 redirects.

Whenever a page or content is moved from one URL to another, search engines automatically consider it as a new page with no ranking history. This is when a 301 or 302 redirect is supposed to be done. A 301 redirect permanently transfers authority to the new page, while 302 redirects are considered as temporary page and signals that the content will return to its original location at some point. A 404 status code can also be made if you decide to permanently remove the page or content.

Not focusing on content marketing.

Content is essential in SEO. Google prioritizes websites that feature comprehensive and well-written content because this is what users look for. Make sure to post unique and quality articles related to your product or service that users actually need. Doing so increases your website’s traffic and eventually,  your trust flow as well.


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