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Are you new to SEO? Do you want to learn more about search engine optimizations and how you can use it to grow your website? Then why not start watching videos to discover its mechanisms and roundabouts? There are Youtube channels focusing on SEO and featuring the latest trends and tips from the best internet marketing consultants.

Here are five of them:


MOZ has been known for years. Consisting of digital marketing experts and analysts, MOZ has always been on top of the game so expect to learn the best from them. Their Youtube channel will provide you with useful SEO information, how-tos, and tips to help you improve your strategies. Their videos teach about inbound marketing to help SEO-enthusiasts and e-commerce entrepreneurs understand SEO better.

SEO Academy

The SEO Academy is a Youtube channel run by Harald Tschuggnall of This channel publishes a new video each day that teach people about the importance of SEO and anything related to Google’s algorithm updates. Tschuggnall is a professional SEO trainer who specializes in link building, link risk management, link audits, and penalty recovery so expect his tutorial videos to feature the same topics.


Backlinko is a Youtube channel created by Brian Dean which focuses mainly on SEO. His videos cover easy-to-do SEO strategies for beginners which include link building and content marketing tactics for e-commerce sites to gain higher rankings and more traffic to their sites. Its videos emphasize SEO case studies, relevant reports, and real-life examples. Dean also offers advanced SEO techniques and focuses on white hat SEO methods to grow your business.

EverSpark Interactive

The EverSpark Interactive is an SEO Youtube channel that shares beneficial information and important SEO updates, tips, and tricks. It also includes video content that features case studies covering search engines like Google and Bing. Their videos also feature the founders of EverSpark who explain different SEO tools. Their company actually offers various SEO services such as paid search, link building, SEO, content marketing, and web development.

Google Webmasters

Google Webmasters is the official Youtube channel for Google Webmasters. This channel is known for videos that feature Matt Cutts where he answers questions from the Google Webmaster Support Forum. The channel is perfect for web developers that want to learn how to use Google Webmasters to improve their website. The channel also discusses the latest algorithm updates to help developers and specialists catch up with the latest trends.

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