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SEO newbies don’t often give attention to long-tail keywords, perhaps it’s because of their low search volume or the fact that they see less potential in it. However, long-tail keywords can offer more than meets the eye. That’s why for today, we’re giving you some info on why long-tail keywords can help your website’s traffic and conversion.

Here are few of the good reasons why you should consider using long-tail keywords:

More targeted traffic

Since long-tail keywords specifically used two to three words, they are more specific than general keywords and thus targets more specific searchers. We all know shorter keywords have a large search volume; however, its visits can be a scattershot and thus brings a low ROI. The long-tails may pull in less traffic, but with its more specific, it brings in people to your site that are actually looking for your product or service. And that kind of traffic is what results in a better sales, which may even be proportionally higher than the ROI you get from shorter keywords.

Less competition

As it was stated, long-tail keywords have a lower search volume compared to shorter keywords. This is the reason why most SEO specialists choose shorter ones as main keywords in an attempt to attract more visitors. Yet, when it comes to ranking, choosing shorter keywords means a higher competition. Unlike, shorter keywords which only a few targets, giving you a chance to ranking higher in the SERP.

Easier to optimize

Optimizing long-tail keywords are easier compare to working on short keywords. This is because the former looks more natural in your content than the latter, providing a better user experience and helps with conversions. Long-tail keywords are also easier to use in blog posts and other link building efforts, further increasing the chance to improve your keyword’s SERP ranking. Plus, it is a given fact that few people use it as their main keyword.

Higher conversion rates

Long-tail keywords work best for targeting people who are already looking for your product/service, such users are usually the ones that are bent on buying rather than those who type in generic terms. So, typically, long-tails bring traffic that converts better. The best internet marketing consultants know that investing in them is a sure ROI and an effective strategy. Aside from that, long-tail keywords work best for PPC since general terms are likely to have lower click-through rate and lower conversion.

Works with Voice Search Optimization

Voice Search Optimization is starting to gain the spotlight these days due to more people using mobile and voice assistants when searching online. SEO specialists are now looking for ways to rank their website on voice search results, and they found out that one of the effective ways to do so is by using long-tail keywords. Its because long-tail keywords are likely to appear because of their conversational nature.


So you see, long-tail keywords can actually help your internet marketing more than you think so. If you want to learn more about the use of long-tail keywords, then follow our blogs for new posts.

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