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Right Domain Name

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Choosing a domain name can play a significant role in your business’ success. That’s why it requires a lot of consideration and thought. Your domain name will be your site’s identity on the web, and you must make sure that it will not only fit your business but will also be brandable.

That’s why for today’s article, we’re listing down some tips on how you can choose the right domain name for your website:

Gather ideas.

First things first, you need to create a list of possible words you can use for your domain name. You can make things easier by using domain name generators which can give you ideas into fresh, available domains. You can use domain name generators such as DomainHole, Lean Domain Search, and Wordoid.

Research it.

After you have a list of possible domain names, the next thing you have to do is being trademarked and copyrighted. Doing so will prevent you from being sued by other companies. Another thing you need to do is to research the value of your possible domain. You can use GoDaddy Domain Appraisals to do this.

Keep it short.

When it comes to the domain name, the shorter, the better. Using a long and complex domain name can risk your customers’ misspelling or mistyping it. According to an entrepreneur magazine called Gaebler, the best websites approximately consists of 6 characters in their domain name.

Easy to type.

Big websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have one thing in common with their domain, and that they are all easy to spell. With that being said, a domain name that’s easy to type can help you with your online success.

Incorporate your keyword.

Using your keyword in your domain name can help improve your SEO big time. According to the best internet marketing consultants, putting the keywords at the beginning of your domain is a way to improve your SERP.

Avoid hyphens and numbers.

Adding hyphens and numbers to your domain name can make it difficult to spell and pronounce because they can easily be misunderstood. The bottom line here is that your domain name should be smooth and concise, without any hyphens and numbers.

Use the appropriate domain extension.

When choosing your domain name, “.com” is still considered as the best extension. According to a research made by Registrar Stats, 75% of domains use “.com” as the extension, followed by “.net” and “.org. This is because “.com” is more familiar and easier to remember.

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