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Add a Facebook Shop Page

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Facebook has produced a lot of e-commerce success stories through its effective branding. And it continues to do so because this social media network also allows its users to add a shop on their Facebook Page. Through this, you can now let your page followers order via Facebook. This is really helpful especially for starting entrepreneurs who are looking for ways to sell their products online without the need to create an e-commerce website.

That’s why for today, we listed down steps approved by the best internet marketing consultants on how to add a Shop on your Facebook Page.

Click the Add Shop Section

First, look for the “Shop Section” link which is usually found on the left-side column. A pop-up will ask if you agree with Facebook’s merchant terms and policies. Make sure to read it over. Check if you agree to all the terms and conditions, and then continue. At this point, Facebook may also ask you to re-enter your password for security purposes and clarify if you are sure about creating a shop section for your page.

Fill out the information details.

After agreeing with Facebook’s terms and policies, a new pop-up will appear asking you for your business email address and physical business address. It will also ask you to configure payments through Stripe, a partner company of Facebook that allows you to receive payments from your page and shop. If you already have a Stripe account, all you need to do is connect it to Facebook. For others who don’t, you need to create an account to proceed with creating the shop. Once your shop is done, make sure to add a description.

Add your products.

Once the section is visible to your page, the next thing you need to do is to add products to your shop. To start, click the Add Products button. After clicking the button, upload the image of your product and put the details about your product including its name, price, description, inventory/stock, product category, and shipping options. After doing so, click on the Advanced Options tab next to the Add Product and set the tax rate.

Add collections.

Once you have uploaded your products, it’s time to organize them by creating collections to categorize them. To add a collection, click the Shop Section and select Manage Shop. Click on the Collections and then choose Add Collection. Fill out the details including the name, visibility, and the option if you want it to be included in your Featured Products or not. The Featured Products are the items that will appear in your Page Profile.

Manage your orders.

Lastly, study how the ins and outs of managing your products and orders on Facebook. To check your customers’ orders, go to the Shop Section, select the gear button, then click the Manage Shop. There you will be able to see the list of orders on your page including the pending and past orders. Manage Orders also allows you to send refunds by going into the Past Orders section and then clicking on the “Refund Order” from the Actions.

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