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Have you ever heard of the term UGC? It stands for “user-generated content,” which refers to any form of content from videos, blogs, or discussion forum posts, created by users or customers talking about a product or service.

UGC has influenced digital marketing more than ever, especially with the influencer marketing trend. That’s why for today, we’re going to introduce you its benefits, and how it can help your business.

It proves your social footprint.

Social media has been an essential pillar of digital marketing. Every business, small or large, has their own social media channels today which includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Having your social media channel means your e-commerce business is part of the internet community, and people can actually see your social proof. This is a big factor especially in this digital age when consumers are most likely to check your brand on social media channels before actually visiting your website or physical store.

It improves social engagement and social reach.

This is proven especially in the form of influencer marketing. Influencer marketing, as we know, is when an entrepreneur contacts a social media influencer to try and review their product. The social media influencer then posts the review either as a blog post or video on their social media channels to share it with their followers. In return, the followers will then be curious about the product, and search the company that offers it. Such a strategy will then drive people to your website and social media pages, thus increasing your engagement and social reach.

It boosts sales and conversions.

In the world of sales, nothing is as effective as word-of-mouth marketing. No matter how excellent or flamboyant your ads may be, people are more likely to buy products that they’ve heard from their friends or family members. It’s because people trust people, not your logos or your brand ad. This is why UGC is effective in convincing people to actually buy your products or try your service. And this isn’t just all words, according to studies, user-generated content can bring an increase of 20 to 30% in an e-commerce conversion rate.


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