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Influencer Marketing

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Influencer marketing has become a trend. Also known as WOM or word-of-mouth marketing, this process involves the entrepreneur reaching out to internet celebrities or influencers to promote their products or services. However, as easy as it may sound, closing a deal with an influencer actually takes time and effort. And that’s what we want to discuss for the day.

As one of the best internet marketing consultants in Los Angeles, we know the importance of influencer marketing, and how this strategy can help your business. That’s why we listed down five tips that you can follow to get an influencer for your e-commerce website:

Follow their page.

The best way to get their attention is to let them know that you’re following their social media accounts. Every influencer, especially starting ones, has the habit of checking their new followers to see if their content is engaging with the right market. If they stumbled upon your profile and find out that you are an e-commerce store offering a product related to their content, they might even be the one to approach you first.

Mention them in your website or social media post.

Another way you can get an influencer is by calling out to them, either by simply tagging them in a post or mentioning them in your tweet. Try to engage with these influencers and build a connection with them. Let them know that you are interested in what they can offer and that you, on the other hand, can also give them what they need: followers, exposure, and sponsorship.

Know their cause.

Before making a deal with an influencer, make sure that you know their cause. People become influencers because they want to make a change or share their beliefs with the rest of the world. And this is something you need to be in tune with them. One example is if you’re selling organic makeup, the best influencers to target are beauty bloggers who exclusively use organic makeup or are environmentally-conscious.

Support them.

As stated earlier, building a relationship with an influencer is a two-way process. An influencer will only support you and your products if they know that you are there to support them. Make it a habit of conversing with them on a daily basis, talking to them about their plans for future content, and show them that you appreciate what they are doing for your business. Make them feel that you are one of their biggest fans.

Be their sponsor.

Sponsoring them with products or freebies is both a way of supporting them and giving exposure to your products. You see, when a business sends an item or sample product to an influencer, their first response is by doing a review in their vlog or blog post. This can spark a large amount of engagement that could help drive traffic to your website and also to the influencer’s social media channel.

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