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Best Three Ecommerce Website Platforms

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The eCommerce industry is a promising world, especially for starting entrepreneurs. And if you happen to be planning on venturing into it and starting your own eCommerce store, then the first thing you need to start doing is building your own website.

Creating an e-commerce website has now been made easy, thanks to specific website platforms. And today, we’re featuring three of the best e-commerce website platforms you can use to create your e-commerce site.


Shopify, One of The Best E-Commerce Platform

Due to its easy set-up and user-friendly navigation, Shopify has become the most popular e-commerce platform on the web. By just using your email address to sign up, you can start building your website right away and add your products. The best thing about this Shopify is that it has an intuitive interface that allows you to optimize your site and easily edit its meta contents. It also offers free mobile-optimized themes and supports third-party payment gateways, as well as an app marketplace.

But perhaps the best thing about Shopify that makes it a hit among starting entrepreneurs is customer service. You can contact support via phone, email, live chat, and Twitter, 24/7.


Magento Platform

If you’re looking for open-source software that offers a self-hosted solution, then Magento is the perfect platform for you. Due to such features, it earned its nickname as the “Wordpress of eCommerce platforms.” However, unlike Shopify, you need technical knowledge to fully optimize its functionality and design. Magento also offers hundreds of plugins and themes you can choose from, and excels in site optimization features which makes it a favorite choice among SEO experts.

Another strong feature of this platform is that it allows users to create several versions of sites in different languages.


Wix Platform

Most starters opt to build an e-commerce website with a small inventory, making Wix a suitable platform. It also features a simple drag-and-drop website builder that makes creating an online store as easy as possible. Similar to Shopify, it doesn’t require any coding, and instead uses a smart and user-friendly editor. It also offers over 500 templates and provides users with stock images they can use.

Best of all, Wix has a fully-featured shopping cart that includes all the functionalities you may need. It also has hundreds of apps that you can use to customize your website.


So which of the three e-commerce platforms do you think is the best?

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